Proudly made in Winchester, VA


All hardware used on Henkel Harris furniture is made of fine solid brass. Antique fittings made by metalworkers of yesteryear serve as patterns for each design, and the age old techniques are still employed in the manufacture of our pulls and bails. The molten brass is poured into sand casts and allowed to cool and then polished and trimmed. This results in small imperfections of finish which add charm and authenticity to the hardware and to the furniture it enhances. This time-honored process is captured in these reproduction brass hardware designs selected to complement our finishes. Customer's own hardware is an option as well.


Swan Neck



Lion's Mask



          have spent considerable effort over the years to develop one of the most exquisite finishes in the trade and the use of extensive hand rubbing is one assurance that our finish will always be the finest. To this end there are no compromises to speed our product into circulation, rather calculated procedures designed to enhance each piece's patina and protect the investment of our customers.

29 Classic Henkel Mahogany

24 Winchester Cherry

49 Classic Cherry

37 Heirloom Mahogany

57 Ebony

55 Antique Bisque

56 Gardenia

52 Claret

50 Fern


All Henkel Harris finishes are also available with physical distressing or high sheen.

37 Heirloom Mahogany


29 Classic Henkel Mahogany

High Sheen

17 Swedish Gray

18 Oyster

21 Hazelnut

22 Coffee

20 Caramel

19 Natural


Every Henkel Harris piece of furniture exhibits the same degree of craftmanship utilizing the finest materials during our manufacturing process. As a result, it is no coincidence that you need to exert very little effort to preserve its beauty once it arrives at your home. If you understand the nature of the wood and finish of your furniture, and take heed to these simple recommendations for its maintenance, you will enjoy your investment for a lifetime.


• Solid wood reacts to the amount of humidity in your home. Long periods of heat, without added moisture, will dry wood and cause splitting and weakening of the glue joints. We recommend between 35% and 40% relative humidity during cold, dry months. It is equally important not to expose your furniture to excessively damp areas without providing a dehumidifier. Certainly most of today's heating and cooling systems maintain the home at the acceptable levels mentioned, but it is important for you to be aware of these conditions and take the appropriate action to prevent needless damage. Be thoughtful, too, when arranging furniture in your home. Direct sunlight will bleach the wood and may cause the lacquer to crack. In addition, it is important to avoid direct contact with alcohol, perfume, fingernail polish and remover, hairspray and plastic products (such as doilies). These can soften the lacquer and contribute to finish discoloration and deterioration.


• Our finishing technique is the most refined in the industry and does more to protect the wood than any wax can. All you need to do is apply Guardsman® furniture polish a few times a year and buff well. Guardsman® cleans - it does not leave a greasy buildup. Between cleanings, simply dust with a soft, dry cloth or wipe with a damp cloth and dry completely.


• You can hide minor nicks or marks with furniture touch-up pencils, brown shoe polish or a bit of stain. Try any touch-up material in an inconspicuous wood area to be sure the color will blend satisfactorily.


• The more you know about your furniture, the greater your satisfaction will be. It was crafted to give you years of useful service and, more importantly, pride of ownership. Should it become necessary to require a repair, always rely on a furniture professional who comes well recommended by your authorized Henkel Harris retailer. By following these simple recommendations, your Henkel Harris furniture will indeed become an heirloom investment...cherished and used for generations.






Velvet Bronze

Polished Nickel