MON. 5/15/2017 - Celebrations at the Family Table


          Summer is almost here and a time to spend with family. After graduations are over, commemorate the celebration at the family table. Take a look at the stunning dining section for fabulous wood styles and finishes. Don't forget to ask your local dealer to see the NEW pieces for the summer!

FRI. 4/21/2017 - NEW Spring 2017 LINE LAUNCHES


         We are proud to announce the launch of our new Spring 2017 line. From the beautiful mahogany pieces, we've crafted these New pieces with a stunning Cherry Wood.  A bold, refreshing look into modern furniture. "We're bringing Heritage to modern arrangements" - Sherri Harman. Want to know more? Ask your local dealer for details.

Proudly made in Winchester, VA

WED. 4/12/2017 - HENKEL HARRIS WEBSITE, Summer 2017


         We've made wonderful changes to our website! Take a few moments to browse through the exquisite furniture, finishes and available options.  Looking for your local dealer? Click on the "Where to Buy" and search for your local dealer in your state.


Learn about our Heritage and our story of how Henkel Harris is the ONLY Premium furniture manufacturer in the United States. We stand behind our people, behind our dealers, and our Country. Proud Sponsor of the USO Metro.